Unalakleet River Lodge Alaska

2015 Rates and Information

The rate per person is $5,300. And, it’s based on double occupancy.

When does it begin?
The 2015 season will begin June 14th and run through the week of Sept. 5th. The packages run from Sunday to Saturday.

You said you’d meet me at the airport?
Yes, we’ll be there. And we’ll transfer you and your luggage to the boat for a short river trip to the lodge. After you’ve settled in to your cabin, join us in the main lodge and check out the view. The bar will be open and the hors d’oeuvres will be ready.

That evening you’ll meet your guide and the other staff members, talk about the schedule for the week and just spend time appreciating where you are 210 miles south of the Arctic Circle, 140 miles south of Nome, in an area that was vital to the United States security (also known as the DEW Line). We have maps, books, and occasionally one of the local residents stopping in to share information and history on the area.

Is it going to be really crowded?
No, although the lodge can handle 19 people (and we make exceptions for groups), Jeff and I are committed to keeping the guest numbers small. We’d like to our reputation of being unique, intimate and exclusive. It makes your experience more memorable as well as ours.

What's Included?
Almost everything:

Deluxe accommodations
All your meals
Evening hors d’oeuvres
Complementary beer and wine with dinner
Fully guided fishing
Fishing license for length of stay
Daily housekeeping service

What's not included?

King stamp
Lures and tackle
Tips and gratuities
Personal items

What's the weather like?
Alaskan weather is ummm, variable. You may enjoy an entire week of sunshine, but there’s always the possibility of rain. So, you’ll need to bring rain gear and warm clothing. Temps are on an average of 60’s during the day and 50’s in the evening. And during June and July, you’ll see a lot of daylight.

Take my stuff? Don't take my stuff?
We have rods and reels that we’re more than happy to let you use. We also have hip boots so your tootsies don’t get wet. You may want to bring your waders or that favorite rod and reel you’ve been dying to try. Our tackle shop stocks just about anything you might need and the prices aren’t too bad either. After booking, you’ll receive a what to bring, what to wear and what’s just not needed.

I saw the photos, but tell me what the photos are really like?
We all know you’re here for one thing and one thing only Fishing! Call it pamper, call it lavish we like to call it "bush" comfort! You won’t believe it! All the bed linens and towels are Polo/Ralph Lauren. Hey, comfort is important and what better way to guarantee comfort choose quality.

No salt, no fat, no calories?
So, you have a special diet. That’s not a problem. Our chef is happy to accommodate special dietary needs for our guests. Just let us know. The calorie issue, well, that will be up to you!

The Gods... I mean the Guides?
Whether it’s your first time to hold a rod or you hold a "world’s record", you’ll be impressed with the experience and expertise of our staff, as well as their commitment to safety and service.

You'd probably like to know what the daily limits are?
As of today, the daily limits for 2010 haven’t been published. However, we thought we’d share the numbers from the past. Rather impressive don’t you think?

King Salmon 1
Silver Salmon 10
Dolly Varden only 2 over 20" 10
Arctic Char only 2 over 20" 10
Arctic Grayling only 1 over 15" 5
Pink Salmon 10
Chum Salmon 10

I can't stay an entire week
Three and four day packages, between June 14th and September 5th, can be arranged within 45 days of desired travel dates if space is available.

What if I have a really large group?
We do try to accommodate groups from time to time. As I mentioned, the lodge will handle 19 maximum. What we’ve found, is that when a group comes for meetings, fishing and more meetings, it’ a different environment people know each other, they have a set agenda and there’s usually someone delegated as a tour guide. It works!

I'd like to make a reservation.
A 50% deposit is required to confirm and guarantee space. After that, space will be released and not guaranteed. When we’ve received your deposit, a written confirmation will be sent to you and will give you the date that final payment is due I’ll tell you now, it’s 60 days prior to your confirmed arrival date. You’ll also get a reminder before it’s due.

What happens if I have to cancel?

A $250 per person Non-Refundable service charge for complete cancellation after confirmation and receipt of deposit.
Cancellation made within 90 days of confirmed date is subject to 50% cancellation fee.
Cancellation made within 30 days is subject to 100% cancellation fee.
No refund/credit for unused portion of package. No refunds shall be made after guest arrival.
Alternate dates may be specially arranged based upon space availability.

-Jeff and Sally Appel, Unalakleet River Lodge

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