Dove, Duck and Quail Hunting at Sinalopato Duck & Dove Club

sinalopato club 1Sinalopato Duck & Dove Club is based in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, (on the northwest coast of Mexico) at the DELUXE Plaza Inn Hotel & Convention Center. DELUXE Plaza Inn Hotel is a five star hotel with that has restaurants, night clubs, convention rooms, a pool, gardens, fitness room, 126 rooms and much more. For the hunters, a special room, "The Sinalopato Club Room" is provided. This lounge has a full bar and dining room and it's decor sets the perfect ambiance for reliving the daily hunt moments.

The Sinalopato Duck & Dove Club has been around for around 30 years, guiding and outfitting duck and dove hunters who have come to bag the 22 species of Pacific Flyway ducks and the abundant flocks of white wing, mourning dove, and rock pigeon that dwell on the intensive Sinaloa farming land.

The Duck club operates on the biggest marshes in Sinaloa and Sonora. They have more than 150 blinds. The blinds are built with wood platforms, so the hunters stay dry. All blinds have decoys. To cover the 200,000 acres of marshland, we have several airboats. Ducks we went are: pintail, widgeon, gadwall, cinnamon teal, green winged teal, blue winged teal, pichiguila (Mexican tree duck), canvas back, red heads, mallard, black-bellied tree duck, Mexican duck, shoveler, Pacific Black Brant, Scaup, Bufflehead, & Ruddy Ducks.

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