Alaska Salmon Fishing Report

Alaska salmon fishing

One of the guides is holding Alex's Silver Salmon.

Alaska salmon fishing

Brad with a Dolly Varden.

Alaska salmon fishing

Here's Brad with an Artic Grayling.

Alaska salmon fishing

Another Silver Salmon for Alex to show off.

Alaska salmon fishing

Brad shows off the Silver Salmon that he caught.

Alaska salmon fishing

Here's another fisherman watching over the water. Mr Eagle, I believe.

Alaska salmon fishing

The dock and one of the boats used at the lodge.

I wanted to personally thank Terry Rader for recommending the Unalakleet River Lodge. What an amazing place with even more amazing fishing.

Over the course of 5 days we hauled in over 250 fish. Mostly all ocean fresh Coho Silver Salmon. The variety of Chum, Pink, King, Arctic Grayling, and Dolly Varden, added to the diversity of our tackle and kept us in "fish-on!" mode all day. There was very little time to rest, at some point you just had to force yourself to stop fishing and let the pain in your back rest. Fortunately, our guide kept the boat stocked with plenty of beers and sodas and great food, including freshly smoked Coho. This made relaxing almost as nice as fishing. Speaking of guides, these guys were some of the best I've ever associated with.

The location itself was great. Easy to get to, yet far from people. The weather was warm with the right equipment and, the air was so clean that rain drops didn't spot my glasses. What an impressive place. All this wilderness with so much luxury, I can't say enough about it.

Thank you again!


Brad Hall

Going to Alaska was a trip of a lifetime. Not only was the fishing incredible but the scenery was magnificent. The trip could be great even if we didn't fish ( but we did a lot). The scenery was beautiful, the people friendly and the accommodations were first class. Because it was daylight for 17 hours of the day, you could fish to your hearts content. We fished for 5 days straight, about 9 hours a day. Each day we "hammered" fish. We averaged about 50 silver, 10 Dolly's, 10 chum, and 6 arctic grayling per day.

We caught fish on Mepps Cyclops #5 ( orange and yellow), Mepps Orange spinners #5 and #6, Vibrax #5, and Pixies.

All the guides were talented and very attentive to our fish catching needs. The accommodations at Unalakleet River lodge were perfect. We enjoyed the very best food: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their Chef was great!! The lodge and sleeping quarters were very relaxing. Everything was just like described. I recommend this trip to anyone in pursuit of the best salmon fishing anywhere.


Alex Kozel

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